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Veterans Working Together To Heal With A Purpose.

Roll Out PTSD started in 2017 with the idea and inspiration of Michael Ledford, founder and combat veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars; that all veterans, specifically combat veterans like himself essentially are in need of a transitional period coming come and adjusting to the unfamiliar world of civilian life, relationships, family and friends. Our mission is to create or rebuild the sense of family and community, to feel welcomed and loved once again and to break with the painful reality of trauma caused by extreme distressed experiences, which can significantly deteriorate the quality of life and pursuit of happiness. 

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The program focuses on that transitional period, offering support, orientation, research, and the development of curriculum’s and high-level activities to facilitate the idea and realization of coming home. The goal is to alleviate and organize individuals, their families, and any person suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder to cope and maintain a healthy lifestyle, enjoy interactions with other individuals, and have fun. Roll Out PTSD incorporates various professionals in the areas of sports, arts, and business to offer activities in conjunction with the natural resources at a specific destination.  Participants will interact with nature and with the immediate communities to foster team building and a sense of relief from everyday stresses to strategically to achieve goals and find hope for a better tomorrow. 

Through partnerships with local providers and professionals, Roll Out PTSD will be a one stop networking family that will enable experiences through nature healing events such as hiking, kayaking, surfing, equine assisted therapy, well-being activities like yoga, gourmet and nutritional cuisine, as well as participation in diverse humanitarian and community efforts.

“Roll Out PTSD is ultimately, veterans working together to heal with a purpose.  Going back into our elements to help the weak.  Comradely and brotherhood is our motto.  Our mission is to bring awareness of PTSD, which is as real as any visible injury.”

  • Michael Ledford
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Healing In Nature For Veterans

Veterans Working Together To Heal With A Purpose. Going Back Into Our Elements To Help The Weak.